Advantage Deals: Cement Bricks (Fly Ash Bricks)

If you are thinking of building a new house but inflation is not allowing you to build a new house, then cement brick will save 50% in the construction of your house.

* Fly ash brick is known as cement brick. They are completely inert, they are neither alkali nor acid

Fly ash bricks are very good for construction of houses / four walls, high flats. Fly ash bricks do not absorb water so that the paint, paint and walls are not spoiled.

* Plaster costs on fly ash brick are negligible. The selection of these bricks takes very little time, leading to negligible wages.

* Due to the excellent strength in fly ash bricks, the possibility of wear and tear when using them during traffic is negligible.

* Wall made of fly ash brick is very strong so thieves cannot break the wall and neighbors

Can not break the wall.

* Having the same mo tie of fly ash briquette (less sand, less cement) comes in handy.

* The length, width, height of the brick is the same

Artisans do double work.

* There is no need for lipstick on the four walls of fly ash as the fly ash looks beautiful like brick and is strong.

* The impact of earthquake and fire on fly ash bricks is less and there is no damage to the environment.