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Our Uniqueness

Fly ash bricks manufactured by Central India’s the first state-of-the-art machine which get manufactured by Vibration technology which reduces air bricks by 95% over other cement bricks bricks, making these bricks twice the strength of other bricks


Build your home with fly ash brick and bring happiness in your life.

Nowadays the craze of eco friendly bricks made of fly ash is increasing. These bricks made of ash emanating from the thermal power station are becoming a favorite of people for many reasons. Bricks made of fly ash are better than clay bricks. These bricks can be used in any construction work.[read more..]



More than 250000 units sold
100% Eco friendly and Economic
Successfully completed more than 5 years

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“It all starts with you, when it comes to our planet, the environment and endangered animals – it’s all because of us, and only we can fix it. Thanks for your hard work!”/*54745756836*/

Nick Donovan

“I have been with the team for almost a year now, and I am happy about the progress. We need more volunteers of course. So, if you support the idea of our organization, welcome.”/*54745756836*/

Molly Jones

“The biggest concern of mine has always been the danger that we put animals into. It is now possible to change the situation with your help and the effort that you guys apply!”/*54745756836*/

Julia Smith

“We often think that the world doesn’t need us, that someone else is going to take care of its issues. However, it’s us who influence positive or negative things. Start now.”/*54745756836*/

Mark Hamilton

“This is one of the best and most successful eco projects today. I am lucky & proud to be a part of it, and I want to encourage everyone to go ahead and participate in it!”/*54745756836*/

Alexis Dawn

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