Investigate to FlyAsh

Fly ash-lime bricks are generally manufactured by inter-grinding or blending
various raw materials which are then moulded into bricks and subjected to
curing cycles at different temperatures and pressures. On occasions, as and
when required, crushed bottom ash or sand is also used in the composition of the
raw material. Crushed bottom ash or sand is used in the composition as a
coarser material to control water absorption in the final product. Fly ash
reacts with lime in presence of moisture to form a calcium silicate hydrate which
is the binder material. Thus fly ash-lime brick is a chemically bonded brick.
These bricks are suitable for use in masonry construction just like common burnt
clay bricks. Production of fly ash-lime building bricks has already started in the
country and it is expected that this standard would encourage its production
and use on mass scale. This standard lays down the essential requirements of
fly ash-lime bricks so as to achieve uniformity in the manufacture of such bricks.

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